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Our most successful partnerships are with employers that share our model of growth and our attention to workplace culture—companies like Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, Maine. Allagash Brewing has its own impressive story of growth and they attribute their success to the passion of their employees, much as we do at MEMIC. Their sincere approach to safety, pride in producing one of their industry's most distinguished products, and a management team that sees the big picture, makes them a policyholder that MEMIC is proud to call a partner for workplace safety. We feature this company in our annual report as a company choosing MEMIC because they accept nothing less than excellence. Read more.

Choosing Strength

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When agents and employers want a company with proven stability and consistent growth, they're choosing MEMIC. Year after year, MEMIC continues to grow in premium and policyholder surplus. With more than $1 billion in total assets and a policyholder surplus approaching $400 million, there is strength in our numbers. It's also found in our A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best, the industry's most respected benchmarking organization.

It is this strength that has allowed us to grow well beyond our legacy territory in Maine. The MEMIC Group has licenses to write workers' compensation in 46 states plus the District of Columbia, and we insure nearly 20,000 employers and their estimated 300,000 employees. With offices in eight states including our latest opening in Tysons Corner, Virginia, we're able to bring our brand of high-quality, high-service workers' compensation to agents and employers up and down the East Coast. Read more.
Robert Langton

"With over 27 years of experience in workers' comp, I appreciate the value a company like MEMIC brings to the marketplace. We're for real. Employers want an insurance company that responds to their needs and is committed to their success. And that's what we do. While most other insurance companies are cutting back and automating processes, having the ability to provide our policyholders with dedicated claim handlers and trusted safety experts, makes my job easy. There's no weak link in our team approach to servicing our policyholders and that's what makes us successful."

Robert Langton MEMIC Senior Underwriter
Glastonbury, Connecticut

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Choosing Experience

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MEMIC's safety team has a passion for reducing workplace injuries and making sure employees go home safe each and every day. We do that by working in the field, face-to-face with our policyholders. Our team of loss control consultants is made up of professionals who have decades of experience in the industries they serve. From registered nurses and an airline pilot to construction trades professionals and physical therapists, our safety specialists bring broad and technical expertise to their work with our policyholders.

But they bring more than technical skills. They're also consultants who form partnerships by listening to the needs of policyholders, developing action plans, and actually sticking by their side to help them succeed every step of the way. Read more.
Allan Brown

"Each day I look forward to the challenges and opportunities to improve the health and wellness of the workers and companies we serve. I truly believe a healthy workplace will be reflected in the goods and services a company produces. Employers that value and understand this relationship are the most successful. MEMIC's team approach to service supports that relationship and allows us to provide the best possible workers' compensation insurance to our customers. Having compassion and respect for the men and women who fill the workplaces we serve is tantamount to the success of MEMIC and all employers."

Allan Brown MEMIC Chief Ergonomist
Portland, Maine

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Choosing Service

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MEMIC's claim team has earned one of the best reputations in the industry and it's not by luck. Our hand-picked and well-trained staff understands the value in providing our policyholders and injured workers with the best customer service. Our ultimate goal is to keep workers safe, but when an injury does occur, it is MEMIC's mission to help get the employee back to work and back to life as it was before the accident.

Our claim team takes great pride in the service we provide to injured workers. Our personal approach means injured workers talk to the same person through the life of their claim. MEMIC takes the time to help employers and injured workers understand the workers' compensation system so that they can have the best possible outcomes. Read more.
Stacey Foote

"The ultimate consumer for MEMIC's claim team is the injured worker. It is my job to ensure that our claim adjusters help those suffering from a workplace injury to get the right doctor and get back to work. Our people are experts in the world of workers' compensation and the service we provide to injured workers doesn't stop after they've hung up the phone with us. Our claim handlers have formed trusted relationships with medical care providers and attorneys so we know our injured workers are getting the best care possible. We take our service approach seriously and when my own staff tells me that claim handling is not their job, it's their career, I know I'm doing my job right."

Stacey Foote MEMIC Claims Unit Manager
Manchester, New Hampshire

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president's message

Dear Policyholders,

As I write my annual wrap-up of 2013, we are already well into 2014, continuing our growth and increasing our impact on employers up and down the east coast of the U.S. We've grown into a billion dollar company with offices in eight states. We insure about 20,000 employers and an estimated 300,000 employees. We've become what the industry calls a "super-regional" insurer.

As has become common at MEMIC in the last few years, 2013 was a year of tremendous growth. Each month, we set new highs for in-force written premium as we opened new territories such as Florida, and deepened our success in others including New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our legacy territory in Maine continued its modest growth. Altogether, we wrote more than $230 million in premium, an increase of 14 percent.

The growth of our top line was important but the real key to the success of The MEMIC Group is in attracting the right customers and providing them the workers' compensation products and services necessary to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

At MEMIC, that means no less than excellence in all that we offer you. It means our top-flight loss control and safety team is ready to help you handle the risks faced by your particular industry. It means our claims team of workers' compensation specialists is ready to deal with any issue big or small— whether it be the management of a major injury, easing a return-to-work or even when it comes to litigation or fraud. Whatever arises, MEMIC's claims department has the experience, the technical expertise, and the commitment to rise to the occasion.


Speaking of excellent, that's the word A.M. Best uses to describe the financial strength of The MEMIC Group whose members all now are rated A (Excellent) by Best. This is born of our conservative financial philosophy which assures our ability to meet our obligations even as we produced a record dividend in 2013 of $16 million for members of our mutual in Maine.

The excellence that we strive to provide for our policyholders is not something we've developed in the last year or two. It has grown through the years of experience and the can-do attitude of the many who have been at MEMIC since our inception as well as those who have joined us in recent years. It is this culture of excellence that we continue to foster which drives us toward even greater success as we move to the future.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for choosing MEMIC, and pledge that we will continue to work every day to affirm the trust you have placed in us.

John T. Leonard, President and CEO of MEMIC Sincerely,

John T. Leonard, President and CEO


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