• Cindy Caplice | Human Resources Manager
  • Dave McElhinny | President

Together, in Manufacturing

SIGCO, Inc. | Westbrook, Maine

As MEMIC grows down the Eastern Seaboard, we have formed trusted partnerships with companies that appreciate and value the services we bring to the table—companies like SIGCO, Inc. in Westbrook, Maine.

Established in 1986, SIGCO is a premier glass and metal framework fabricator and distributor with more than 220 employees. Like MEMIC, SIGCO has seen significant growth in recent decades. Also like MEMIC, a key part of its success lies in core values.

SIGCO came to MEMIC in March of 2015 when owner Dave McElhinny recognized that the company had grown to a point where its loss prevention needs were not being met by its self-insurance group. The company needed the support, professionalism and expertise that only MEMIC could provide. And when the policy recently came up for its first renewal, the decision to stay with MEMIC was as clear as SIGCO glass. “It was a slam dunk,” says Dave.

Jayson Hebert, MEMIC Safety Management Consultant, works hand-in-hand with SIGCO Human Resources Manager Cindy Caplice to find ways to reduce risks both common to manufacturing companies and unique to SIGCO. Together, they implemented innovative solutions to reduce manual material handling which helped in avoiding SIGCO’s once frequent back, shoulder and knee sprains. Cuts and laceration incidents have also decreased and when there is an injury, MEMIC’s Claim Specialist Jennifer Jortberg is at the ready to assure Cindy that her employee gets prompt care and is soon on the way back to work.

Now moving forward, together into year two of the partnership, MEMIC and SIGCO are developing an unbreakable bond.

“Choosing to leave the self-insurance group and come to MEMIC has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. The fees I had to pay to the group made it an expensive decision, but it has been worth every penny.”

Dave McElhinny




  • Phyllis Harris | Director of Nursing, Potomac Falls Health & Rehab Center
  • Zoie Nikov | Administrator, Potomac Falls Health & Rehab Center
  • Fame Black | Compliance & Risk Management Analyst
  • Helen A. Gillespie | Director of Compliance & Risk Management
  • Peggy Hojnacki | Unit Manager, Potomac Falls Health & Rehab Center

Together, in Healthcare

Commonwealth Care of Roanoke | Roanoke, Virginia

At the core of MEMIC’s partnerships is teamwork. When it comes to managing risk in healthcare, Commonwealth Care of Roanoke (CCR) knows that by working with MEMIC’s team of experts, there’s no challenge they can’t overcome.

With 12 long term and rehabilitation care centers throughout Virginia, CCR’s Director of Compliance & Risk Management Helen Gillespie and Compliance & Risk Management Analyst Fame Black spend their days working to keep their staff of more than 1,600 safe—a job they take seriously. That’s why they chose a workers’ compensation partner who would take the time to understand their business and provide them with the tools they need.

“MEMIC has helped to elevate our goals to a level that we aren’t able to on our own,” says Helen. “I have never felt this way about a workers’ comp company.”

“What makes our partnership with CCR successful,” says MEMIC Loss Control Director Lauren Caulfield, “is that they trust our expertise and we trust theirs. It’s a prime example of true collaboration.”

Together, they first addressed resident handling exposures. After observing the transfers, Lauren reinforced what was working well and got to work helping to make improvements on what wasn’t. “We don’t just come in and do an inspection. The work we do is hands-on, customized and driven by their needs.”

MEMIC conducted a full-day safe resident handling training with representatives from all facilities as well as a 10-Hour OSHA compliance course. And now, after seeing two years of success, the team is moving forward, together to strengthen CCR’s facility safety committees and improve safety in ancillary departments.

“I remember the first meeting we had with the MEMIC team almost three years ago. I was so excited to learn about their service offerings because we needed them. When they left the room, I said out loud: ‘These are our people.’ And I continue to say that about MEMIC every day. This is the best I have ever felt about a workers’ comp company.”

Helen A. Gillespie

Director of Compliance & Risk Management

Commonwealth Care of Roanoke


  • John Cammarano | General Manager, Homewood Suites
  • Joe Larkin | Chief Financial Officer
  • Karen Landry | Risk Manager
  • Michael Sheeran | Vice President of Operations

Together, in Hospitality

Larkin Hospitality | Burlington, Vermont

While it is MEMIC’s ultimate goal to help policyholders prevent injuries, the company is known for its proactive approach to managing claims. Helping employers to understand all aspects of the workers’ comp process goes a long way, especially for employers like Larkin Hospitality, a Vermont-based, family-owned hotel operating company with 18 properties.

Since joining MEMIC in 2013, Larkin has taken advantage of many MEMIC safety services, such as on-site trainings and the MEMIC Safety Director, an online policyholder portal with hundreds of safety resources and tools. But the resource they value the most is access to knowledgeable and experienced workers’ compensation professionals.

“Within one year of working with MEMIC, our mod rate was down and we had a better understanding of why that was so important,” says Larkin Hospitality Risk Manager Karen Landry. “When an employee gets hurt, MEMIC includes me in the process to find the best solution for the individual and for us, and we move forward in a timely manner,” says Karen.

MEMIC Claim Specialist Janine Bard handles all of Larkin’s lost-time injury claims. “Janine is great,” says Karen. “When I have a question, it’s answered within 24 hours. Working with MEMIC is a pleasure.”

“Following through on my promises is my ultimate priority,” says Janine. “Our policyholders depend on us to be there when they call or email, and it’s my goal to be at the ready with answers and information they need. It’s just what we do.”

Moving forward, together with Larkin Hospitality, MEMIC is committed to making the policyholder experience as comforting and assuring as its promise to its hotel guests.

“There’s no other company with the same level of service and experience as MEMIC. I don’t get bounced from person to person and they understand what I’m talking about. When an employee gets hurt, MEMIC includes me in the process to find the best solution for the individual and for us, and we move forward in a timely manner. Working with MEMIC is a pleasure.”

Karen Landry

Risk Manager

Larkin Hospitality